Are Identity Thieves Copying Your Personal Information?

February 10, 2016

If you use a public copy machine take note: Your personal information may be duplicated and accessible to identity thieves. A CBS News story recently highlighted a security gap where used digital copy machines containing sensitive records stored on hard drives could be manipulated to reprint thousands of papers with medical reports, Social Security Numbers and personal information that could used in identity theft crimes. A follow-up New York Times story suggests that anyone looking to copy a document at a business or even their own workplace, should first inquire if the machine has a hard drive. If one is in place, it is suggested you also ask if there is a policy to scrub scanned information or how documents are protected once the copier is disposed of so the paperwork will not infinitely available.   Identity theft continues to infiltrate our lives in ways we never imagined. These criminals will take advantage of an innocent act as simple as leaving an original confidential document in a public copier machine.  IDShield is a solid plan that offers monitoring services and identity restoration since this silent crime can make an unwanted impression in anyone’s life.;mostpopvideo