Check & Bank Screening Reports

May 25, 2016

The credit bureaus aren’t the only consumer reporting agencies collecting and selling data. There are also specialty agencies that focus on consumers’ history related to other things such as check writing and banking. The following four companies provide account verification and check screening services to various entities. Each will provide one free report per 12 month period upon request because they are compliant with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). Not all consumers will have a report. However, it is a good idea to request these reports just to make sure that there isn’t data of which you were not aware. Signs of banking-related identity theft including check fraud can appear on these reports. Certegy Check Services Visit—click the button labeled “Certegy Check Services”—click on the tab labeled “FACTA FREE ANNUAL REPORT”—follow the directions to request your report. ChexSystems Visit—choose “Free FACTA Report”—follow the directions to request your report. TeleCheck Services Visit and follow the directions to request your report. Early Warning Services This agency does not provide a way to request a report online but a consumer can call 800-325-7775 to request his or her free consumer report. A representative answers and will ask for your Social Security number and name to determine if they have any information related to you. If they do, they will send the report to you. If you find activity that you did not initiate on any of these reports, you have the right to dispute the record. Please reach out to IDShield if it is related to an identity theft issue.