Do You Know What Thieves Can Do With Your Email Address?

March 09, 2016

You are probably already aware of the dangers of losing personal information. Thieves can wreak havoc with things like credit card numbers or bank account info, but are you aware of what they can do with your email address? A recent article from USA Today looks at recent email thefts and what thieves can do with this information. Since last December, hackers have stolen potentially tens of millions of email addresses from multiple companies including a major fast food chain, vehicle manufacturer and online marketing firm. According to the article, experts say there are many ways thieves can profit from stolen email addresses. For example, thieves can correlate a person’s email address and name with information about where a person shops and even where they bank. This can help them bypass anti-virus and spam filters and tweak phishing attacks. If a person falls for a phishing attack, thieves could end up taking full control of a victim’s PC.  In times like these, thieves are always looking for ways to get their hands on your personal information. The Federal Trade Commission offers some important facts on phishing as well as tips to follow so you don’t get caught in a phishing scam. IDShield offers access to a variety of valuable identity theft services, including restoration experts!