Going, Going, Gone! Tips for Online Auction Bidding

June 06, 2016

Online auctions are everywhere bidding for attention with promises of merchandise at bargain prices.  The Better Business Bureau recently issued a consumer alert warning that a growing number of scams use online auctions as bait. The most common complaint of victims was that bought goods were not delivered or items were received but different than what was advertised, according to the Federal Trade Commission.  To avoid online auction scams, the BBB suggests verifying sellers by checking their feedback or making contact with them outside of the host website. Other tips include:  Research not just the seller and product but the terms of the sale including shipping and handling costs, who pays for it, and the seller’s return policy.  Establish your spending limit before bidding no matter how big or small the item so you won’t be tempted to impulsively spend.  When you buy, leave a paper trail without using money orders, cash or debit cards. A credit card transaction or using a trusted third party like PayPal offers the option to submit a claim if bidding goes wrong.  As always, if you have questions about your legal rights and online auctions, call your Provider Law Firm for advice you can always count on.