Harmful Software Spreads Viruses Using the Latest News Headlines

February 17, 2016

Here’s proof that criminals do keep up with current events: The Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Better Business Bureau have issued warnings that U.S. military action in Pakistan has led to malicious software being launched to entrap those surfing for the latest news.

The online scams have been specifically targeting social media sites, image search engines and emails links that lure victims with promises of specific details and photos of the successful military mission.

Here are some of the tips for online safety from the BBB: 

  1. Adjust privacy settings on social network sites so it’s more difficult for anyone to post content to your page. Even “friends” can unknowingly pass on software viruses.
  2. Read emails carefully. Fake messages often have misspellings, bad grammar and unusual English usage.
  3. Never provide your bank account number or other private information when requested through an email.     
  4. Be a skeptic of links to videos or photos that are not widely available from respected news sources. 
  5. Be wary of “free” offers noting any occasion, especially if it comes from an unknown company or website.    

It is suggested that you spread the word to family and friends that this viral software is making the rounds.

This can also be your opportunity as a LegalShield Associate to remind everyone how the benefits of IDShield can assist them when their private information is comprised and misused.