My Identity’s Been Stolen. Can Identity Monitoring Still Help?

december 16, 2021 | identity theft
Family using technology with ID theft protection

No one wants to deal with identity theft—ever. It’s time-consuming, often costly and leaves a trail of emotional damage and stress in its wake. First-time victims often experience total panic initially, but that reaction accomplishes little, as 1.4 million individuals who experienced identity theft discovered in 2020

That’s an average of 3,836 identities stolen each day of the year. Yikes! If you’ve been victimized don’t lament the fact that you didn’t purchase identity monitoring a month ago. There are still ways that IDShield can assist now. 

We offer invaluable guidance after theft detection. The initial damage has already occurred, so your ID theft is viewed as a pre-existing condition, but new members receive instant access to other services. You can still tap into consultation with trained experts. We’ll help reduce the harm and restore your good name.

Identity Restoration Is Complex

Whether someone else stole your identity to buy goods, rent an apartment, get free medical care or land a job, the devastation spreads like wildfire. So, the first goal of any recovery plan is: Stop the bleeding.

You need to uncover all the details you can about how and where that breach of your personally identifiable information (PII) occurred. Where should you begin? You may find it challenging to interpret if you receive a breach notification letter from a business you’ve patronized.

Access to professional identity experts is priceless now. They’re familiar with the steps to implement first and fast. You won’t spend hours locating the proper authorities to notify, either.

Restoration assistance should include these key elements:

  • Advice that’s available 24-hours a day for as long as you need it
  • A pledge of long-term assistance, not a one-time phone call; some ID theft cases drag on for months or years, inflicting injury far into the future
  • Placing of fraud alerts on financial accounts and credit reports ASAP
  • Launching credit monitoring and other identity-tracking services to uncover new damages as they occur

Should you file a police report? Absolutely, but your local authorities might reject a request to submit one. They’re understandably swamped. If an online filing option with law enforcement isn’t available, try Plan B. Report the identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If large sums are involved, ask your homeowner's or business insurance company what they require first.

Shield Yourself

Money losses hit a significant slice of identity theft victims. Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for IDShield’s full restoration policy that can cover funds you lost for a pre-existing theft. Still, you may find your renter’s or homeowner’s policy includes a small amount of coverage for losses. It could provide several hundred dollars up to a few thousand in protection. IDShield members who sign up before identity theft occurs are covered up to $1 million.

There’s no reason to wait if you fear your identity has been compromised. With the IDShield mobile app, you can summon help with the touch of a finger. So, you won’t have to wait a minute to launch the recovery and reclamation process.

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