The Importance of Protecting Username and Password Login Combinations

July 17, 2019

Think about your online accounts.

You probably have multiple accounts for social media, financial institutions, work, utility businesses, and more. Now consider how often you sign into these various accounts each day. Probably more than once, right? Most of your life’s information is stored in these accounts, whether via login credentials, your SSN, your date of birth or other sensitive items.

Don't Risk Your Personal Accounts  

What would happen if an online intruder – a hacker – gained access to these accounts? Your identity could be stolen, or your personal information could be put up for sale. You would instantly lose your hard-earned online privacy. However, as an IDShield Member, your online accounts are closely guarded by our Username/Password Monitoring, so that identity thieves don’t get the best of you! IDShield is the only product that can help monitor the dark web and public internet for your credentials.  

Help is Available  

IDShield is an industry-leading identity theft protection produce, we take security very seriously. We use multiple layers of security during authentication to detect compromised credentials and will inform you to reset your passwords. Simply enter your username and password combinations in the member portal or from the IDShield mobile app and we’ll alert you when we see them on the dark web or internet. We can monitor up to 10 login credential combinations. By getting the alert and changing your password, you can help prevent identity thieves from gaining access to your online accounts.