One Woman’s Story of Her Digital Death

February 08, 2016
guy with phone

We know that identity theft can drastically change a person’s life but what happens when it’s not a crime but a company that makes a deadly mistake with someone’s personal information?

In the unsettling case detailed in this story, a woman was declared dead even though she was very much alive. She became increasingly frustrated as she faced bank rejections and other embarrassment and harassment as she tried to clear her name and revive her financial history.

The Social Security Administration agreed she was still living, but a company that conducts background checks for financial institutions declared her deceased thus deactivating her SSN and adding the damaging detail to her credit report. 

She continues to fight the false death claim. Can you imagine how much she could have saved in time and money if she had a reliable attorney ready to represent her?

Pre-Paid Legal’s suite of legal and identity theft services and the company’s Provider Law Firms strive to help victims who have had their lives altered by the mistakes of others. Though issues may not be as extreme as this person’s dilemma, every call is identified as important because it involves someone who is a Pre-Paid Legal member.