What You Need to Know about the Verizon Enterprise Data Breach

March 30, 2016

As a service of your IDShield membership, we want to make you aware of a retailer's data breach that has the potential to cause concern among consumers. We hope this breach doesn't affect you. However, since you are an IDShield member, we can alert you to potential threats to your identity and have experts ready to assist you. News outlets are reporting that Verizon Enterprise suffered a data breach in which contact information of 1.5 million Verizon customers was stolen in a network attack. Although Verizon reportedly claims that no “customer proprietary network information” or other data was accessed, we at IDShield want to make sure our members are aware of this matter and any possible consequences. Be Aware of the Possibility of Phishing Attacks The primary threat of a breach of this type is being "phished" by a scammer. If they have your phone number and/or email address, then a scammer can call, text or email and pose as a Verizon representative. A thief could formulate a story that explains the need for whatever it is that they are trying to obtain from you such as money, financial information, access to accounts or personal identification data. Then, they could take that information and do something else with it, which could include identity theft. Quick Tips to Avoid Trouble Understand that legitimate businesses do not send email or text messages asking for your sensitive personal information. Delete these without responding. Legitimate businesses do not call to ask for personal information “out of the blue.” Don’t respond unless you are sure the call is in response to a request from you. Often automated or “robo” calls are a scammer’s attempt to reach you. Hang up without responding or pushing any buttons on your phone. Don’t trust Caller ID. Scammers can mask their number. Be wary of email even if it looks legitimate. Scammers can copy logos and mask the sender’s address to appear to be from a trusted business. Think about what you are asked for before providing your sensitive personal information whether by phone, clicking on a link in an email, or responding to a text message. Be stingy with your personal data. Make the Most of Your IDShield Membership Make sure that you’ve activated all of the monitoring available to you through your membership so we can look out for suspicious use of your information and, as always, if you have any questions contact us at 888-494-8519.