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Your Shield of Protection
IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of Kroll licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity

Here For You

You have unlimited access to a Kroll licensed private investigator about how you can protect yourself or review anything on your account.

Keep an eye on your credit

Keep an Eye on Your Credit

We provide easy-to-use forms that help you obtain a copy of your credit disclosure each quarter, so you can review it regularly.

Get your identity back

Get Your Identity Back

In the event of a compromise, your personal Kroll licensed private investigator will immediately begin to uncover every shred of evidence, restore your identity and clear your record for life.

Protecting Yourself
No one expects to be a victim, but anyone can be. That’s why protecting your identity is extremely important. IDShield gives you peace of mind with protection plans that keep your identity safe.
Your family members can often be a gateway for thieves to steal your identity. IDShield offers identity theft protection that will keep your entire family safe.
I was very happy with all that the agent did for me and I want to say thank you very much!
Get Better Protection
Without Breaking the Bank!

Stay Connected

IDShield members can download our free mobile app to have alerts sent straight to your phone, view your credit score, speak with an IDShield Advisor at the push of a button, and more.

Millions of people lose their identity every year. Don’t be one of them.