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Providing ID Theft Protection since 2003.


ID theft is on the rise.

Identity theft hits a new victim every few seconds. While these criminals are using a variety of scams to collect information, many of them are preventable. We’re here to both educate and prevent people from the dangers of ID theft.


Worry Less, Live More

We believe that by educating, protecting, and serving our members, we can improve their lives dramatically. With a team of investigators on your side, you can walk through life knowing you are protected every step of the way.


What You Get

Identity Restoration

If your information is compromised, we’ll do everything in our power to restore it.

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  • We team you up with a dedicated licensed private investigator to help recover and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.
  • We search and review all relevant history, reports, databases, records, and logs.
  • We notify and work with any creditors, financial, collection, and law enforcement agencies involved.
  • We take disputes all the way to the authority in power, including but not limited to the Credit Bureaus, financial institutions, and government offices.

Consultation Services

Get tips and advice from an IDShield Licensed Private Investigator, plus assistance in an emergency.

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See Details

Get advice, assistance, and alerts regarding:

  • Online scams
  • Credit scores and credit reports
  • ID fraud and theft related to medical records, criminal records, or the identity of a minor or the deceased
  • Sex offender searches
  • Lost or stolen wallets
  • Credit freezes
  • Online shopping, communication, and security
  • Data breaches
  • And more


How We Got Here

In 1969, our founder, Harland Stonecipher, had an epiphany. He found himself financially unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from an accident, even though it wasn’t his fault. From that day forward, he was determined to make sure everyone had affordable access to legal care—no matter how traumatic or trivial the situation. Thus, LegalShield was born. Today, IDShield, a division of LegalShield, continues that mission by providing identity theft protection to as many people as possible, with the most knowledgeable identity theft protection specialists in the industry.

Over 1 Million


50 States + 4 Provinces


Pick a Plan

IDShield plans offer the most complete and affordable assistance available. Find out what is included in each plan to decide which one is right for you.

IDShield Canada

This plan helps protect you against identity theft, fraud, and any future issues that may arise.

  • Assistance obtaining Credit Disclosure
  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Comprehensive Restoration

Specific exclusions may apply. See plan contract in checkout for complete terms, coverage, amounts, availability, conditions and exclusions.