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50% of people will experience some form of identity theft this year alone.

We wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to our members, so, we’re offering a 60-Day Free Trial of IDShield just for you.

IDShield is the most comprehensive identity theft protection service available. You’ll get best in class service that provides continuous monitoring, includes unlimited recovery of your identity if you are compromised, and educates you about identity theft. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your membership, simply contact us during your first 60 days to cancel, no questions asked.

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BenefitsIDShield IndividualLifeLock AdvantageID Watchdog PlusIdentity Guard Total Protection

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Identity MonitoringIncluded with IDShield   
Credit MonitoringIncluded with IDShield   
Social Media MonitoringIncluded with IDShield   
Unlimited ConsultationIncluded with IDShield   
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The Details on Our Core Benefits

Updated IDS Shield
Financial Monitoring and Protection
Credit Bureau Monitoring

IDShield monitors your credit reports and provides instant alerts about any changes related to 12 key elements of identity theft and fraudulent activity. We offer both one bureau and three bureau monitoring plans. Learn more about 1 bureau vs 3 bureau monitoring.

Social Security Number

IDShield uses your Social Security Number to monitor a large variety of potential areas of fraud. Our system will alert you as soon as it finds anything suspicious and our licensed private investigators can run advanced SSN Skip Trace searches to uncover hidden theft and fraud.

Dark Web Monitoring

IDShield uses intelligent analytics to continuously monitor the dark web.The dark web includes black market websites where criminals purchase stolen information to apply for credit cards, steal bank funds and a variety of other nefarious activities.

Public Records Monitoring

IDShield monitors 34 different pieces of personally identifiable information (PII) across 78 billion public records. Our scans cover everything from voter registration to business licenses to the social security death index.

Court Records Monitoring

Extensive monitoring of your PII over 350 million criminal records including county courts, Department of Corrections, Administration of the Courts local, state and federal data source.

PayDay Loan Monitoring

Non-credit loan sources such as online, rent-to-own or payday lender storefronts are monitored for unauthorized activity. This extra monitoring is critical, as payday loans are often not recorded on your main credit report.

Username & Password

Our system continuously scans the internet for instances of your username and passwords found together, indicating a possible breach. If found, you’ll receive an alert with details on how to change your login credentials to prevent theft and fraud.

High-Risk Application Monitoring

Financial institutions use special technology to verify the identity of new account holders before processing high-risk transactions (such as opening a new bank account).

Address Change Monitoring

IDShield monitors your address history in the US Postal Service through the National Change of Address database. You’ll be notified of any change in address as soon as it appears in the database giving you another layer of protection against fraud and theft.

Child Monitoring (family plan)

IDShield monitors the social security number of up to 10 dependent children under the age of 18 to find instances of their numbers being used to create new accounts for credit cards, loans and more. It’s a great way to ensure your child’s identity is not stolen and ruined before they become an adult.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Plug your address into our sex offender map and instantly see all offenders in your area, including pictures, names and location. You’ll receive alerts if new offenders move into your neighborhood. This benefit is included in all of our plans.

Telecom Monitoring

IDShield monitors over 1.5 billion phone records to notify you if your phone number is fraudulently redirected or a new wireless, VOIP or landline account is opened in your name.

Updated IDS Shield
UNLIMITED - Restoration and Support
Unlimited Consultation

Members can speak with an identity theft specialist to get advice about any theft or fraud concerns. There is NO LIMIT. You get as much consultation time as you need.

No competitor offers this benefit.

Licensed Private Investigators

If you are a victim of identity theft, fraud or other financial crimes, our US based, licensed private investigators will work under a Power of Attorney to restore your identity and reputation to its former position. They handle everything for you.

Unlimited Guarantee

Credit Score Tracking & Reporting

Your membership dashboard includes a monthly credit score tracker as well as a yearly credit score report to help you keep on top of your credit rating. You’ll also get insights into your score and what you can do to increase it.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

If your identity is stolen, your plan includes access to our licensed private investigators 24/7/365 for immediate help.

Easily access all of your alerts and plan benefits with our easy to use app. View details and download our app now.

$1,000,000 Protection Plan

All plans come with a one million dollar protection plan that covers expenses and legal costs incurred by the participant's spouse or eligible dependents. This plan covers items such as lost wages, legal defense fees, unauthorized electronic fund transfers, funds stolen from 401K retirement accounts and more.

Lost Wallet Support

If you lose your wallet or purse, our investigators will assist you. Your dedicated investigator will provide guidance to prevent fraud or theft and use special database scans to determine if any misuse of your personal identity has occurred. If theft has occurred, they will immediately open a restoration case and restore your status.

Updated IDS Shield
Privacy and Reputation Management
Social Media Scanning

IDShield monitors your social media accounts for ID theft and reputational risks. Our scans analyze your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram pictures, posts and comments for foul language, drug references or other bits of information that could damage your reputation and prevent you from being hired by employers.

Solicitation Reduction

Not only are phone and mail solicitations annoying, they increase the chances of identity theft. Our Licensed Private Investigators are available to help you reduce the number of unsolicited offers for credit cards, insurance policies and more.

Delete Data Brokers

Data Brokers, like Spokeo and the Whitepages, collect your personal information, package it up and sell it without your permission. Our team can assist you with getting your personal information deleted from the top brokers databases to further increase your privacy and safety.

Medical Data Reports

Medical reports are another place for inaccurate or fraudulent information to appear. The membership area of our website can help you access these medical data reports and take action should you find any inaccurate data.

Anti-Bullying Protection

Cyberbullying is major issue for today’s youth and many parents feel helpless. Whether your child is being bullied online or off, our team can support you with specific resources and actions you can take to protect yourself and your family. (family plans only)

Reputation Management

Our monitoring systems help monitor your online reputation and our trained professionals can help you improve and manage your reputation over time. Reputation management is critical as up to 70% of employers research your background online before making a hiring decision and 57% report finding disqualifying information.

Choose the plan that is right for you.

Do I need 1 Bureau or 3 Bureau? Learn more.

1 Bureau
  • Transunion credit monitoring
  • Comprehensive privacy and ID protection
  • Covers one individual
60 Day Free Trial
3 Bureau
  • Transunion, Equifax and Experian credit monitoring
  • Comprehensive privacy and ID protection
  • Covers one individual
60 Day Free Trial
1 Bureau
  • Transunion credit monitoring
  • Comprehensive privacy and ID protection
  • Covers you, your spouse or domestic partner and up to 10 dependent children
60 Day Free Trial
3 Bureau
  • Transunion, Equifax and Experian credit monitoring
  • Comprehensive privacy and ID protection
  • Covers you, your spouse or domestic partner and up to 10 dependent children
60 Day Free Trial

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