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Protecting and Securing Your Identity for Over 15 Years

How we help you.

We believe that by educating, protecting, and serving our members, we can improve their lives dramatically. With a team of Licensed Private Investigators on your side, and available 24/7, you can rest assured are protected every step of the way.

Protecting and Securing Your Identity for Over 15 Years
Who We Are & Our Story

Who We Are & Our Story

IDShield, a division of LegalShield, provides identity theft protection in all 50 United State plus 4 Canadian provinces. We protect over 1 million lives and support our customers everyday with 24/7 customer support.

Our team of USA based specialists and Licensed Private Investigators are the most knowledgeable in the industry. With our unlimited recovery promise we offer a level of service unmatched in the Identity Theft industry.

IDShield is a division of LegalShield, founded in 1969, our founder,Harland Stonecipher found himself financially unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from an auto accident, even though it wasn’t his fault. From that day forward, he was determined to make sure everyone had affordable access to legal care—no matter how traumatic or trivial the situation. Thus, LegalShield was born.

IDSheild E. K.
Florida Member

“I found I had a real security risk as I’d been impacted by a hacker. It was a frightening & invasive experience. I was connected with [a licensed private investigator] quickly, all three credit reporting agencies were notified, and a security alert added to all three accounts! They made it simple! They were there to help! I recommend this service.”

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“Every day. Every hour. Every second. We do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to keep you safe. You have our $1 million service guarantee. ”

IDSheild C. C.
Utah Member

“After I received an application for a prepaid credit card in the name of my minor child I got a little freaked out. I called and spoke with the [my licensed private investigator] and she immediately searched for my kid’s info. Nothing nefarious found. She advised me how to lockdown that information and advised that I do the same with all my kids. Peace of mind!”

Over 1 Million People Trust IDShield