Data Breaches and Social Media - What's the Impact?

june 24, 2020 | data breach
Data Breaches and Social Media - What's the Impact?

Data Breaches 101

Data breaches have been a recurring theme over the last decade and this trend shows no sign of letting up. There is a vast amount of breach data readily available online and this treasure trove for cybercriminals continues to grow. These passwords are then bought by cybercriminals so that they can use them to try to hack into other accounts.

The reason that breaches are successful is down to human behavior. Despite constant reminders not to reuse passwords, we all continue to do so across our different accounts at home and at work, including social media. This is, in a nutshell, is why many breaches work. The passwords exposed in past breaches may still being used in breaches today due to password reuse.

Password Reuse Problem

Password reuse can make it incredibly easy for criminals to launch automated attacks with these stolen credentials to try and gain access to other accounts.

The Social Media Pot of Gold

If cybercriminals gain access to your social media accounts, they can quickly and easily access your personal information. We may all be guilty of oversharing information. Think about some of your accounts; many of us may have added our cell, home address, date of birth, and even credit card details. This can be  a gift to cybercriminals, as they can steal your identity once they gain access to your personal identifiable information. Check out our previous post for ways to protect yourself on social platforms.

The Skinny on Identity Theft Risks

Once your identity has been stolen, a cybercriminal can then take out loans in your name, purchase goods, or even break into your home when you are on vacation! Unless you are actively monitoring your credit score, the first time you realize that something is amiss is often when a debt collector contacts you.

Here at IDShield, we can help you take back control and protect your social accounts and information. Be proactive and take steps to protect yourself and your family regardingthe risks of identity theft.

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