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Blog > Data Breach > Marriott Data Breach Impacts 5 Million Guests
 April 30, 2020

Marriott Data Breach Impacts 5 Million Guests

Marriott International announced a data breach that targeted their franchise.

In February, the hotel chain discovered that an unspecified property system at a franchise hotel had been hacked. It appears cybercriminals gained access to the login details of two employees at the hotel, giving the thieves full access to the hotel’s database system for weeks before the breach was discovered in mid-January.

Marriott International stated that they had no reason to believe that payment data was stolen, but did warn that other details may have been affected. These may include names, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, loyalty member data, and other travel information (like room preferences, airline loyalty numbers, etc.). Marriott is still in the middle of an investigation to discover the extent of the damage.

Marriott International stated that guests whose information may have been compromised have been notified. The affected customers were emailed, and Marriott set up a website and a call center dedicated to providing resources for the victims. The company now also offers a service to monitor the personal information of guests whose data was compromised. This will help the customers keep an eye on their private details from now on.

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