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The average person has been online for decades, building a vast online footprint across hundreds of websites, app and social media platforms. As more and more of society becomes digital first, an online first impression matters as much as in real life.

This means that information you’ve left behind online can affect your Privacy, Reputation and access to opportunities.

IDShield offers industry-leading Reputation and Privacy management services included in all plans, following the acquisition of Reputation Management company Yourself Online, Inc.

IDShield + Be your best self online.

IDShield protects you across the 3 critical areas of your online reputation

Your online reputation matters across a wide variety of areas of you and your family’s life. From getting a job, mortgage, lease, place at college, online dating or gaining new business, you will probably be checked out online. Old posts, photos and information left online can haunt you for years to come. Individuals and companies can find details about your personal life and make flawed judgements about who you are and what you stand for.

IDShield is here to protect you and your family’s reputation and privacy so there’s nothing standing in the way of your next opportunity in life.

1. Review & clean up your social media

If you’ve been on social media for a while, it’s likely you’ve got thousands of old posts and photos across different social media sites. This information can cause risks to your privacy and reputation and be difficult and time consuming to review.

IDShield can help you review your social media accounts, and easily and quickly delete old posts and photos, so you can be confident in how you look online.

  • Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit accounts in one convenient place.
  • We flag anything that might be damaging to your reputation or career, so you can project the best version of yourself online.
  • Your Personal Score and recommendations will show you what you need to review.
  • Our automated tools can quickly delete years of your old social media in one go.


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2. Review your online privacy

The average person has over 100 online accounts and apps. This leaves your information spread across the web where companies can use it for advertising or sometimes nefarious reasons.

IDShield can help you fight back. Find and review the information online about you across websites and data brokers to limit your online footprint and improve your privacy.

  • We find where your data is public online and old accounts associated to your email address.
  • We provide extensive walkthrough settings guides for the top 20+ sites which might have your data such as Google, Amazon and many others.
  • Our Consultation & Restoration specialists can make requests on your behalf to keep your information off data broker websites.

3. Build a positive online reputation

In today’s online world, your online reputation can affect your access to opportunities. Whether you’re applying for a job, lease, mortgage, place at college, business opportunity or even online dating, having a positive online reputation can be a strong advantage.

Beyond just protecting you from the worst, IDShield can help you to be your best self online, and build the right online reputation to be successful.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to ensure you’re looking your best professionally.
  • Our easy-to-use guides and tools will help you build your professional network and make posts to improve your reputation.
  • You’ll always know where you stand with your Personal Score and regular rescanning.
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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Why should I care about my online reputation?

The information you’ve shared over decades across different sites is now being used by individuals and organizations to make judgments about who you are, without your knowledge. From applying to a new job, doing business, or even getting a date, it’s likely that you’ll be looked up online. It’s time to clean up those embarrassing posts and photos and be your best self online.

Why have I arrived on this page from

The online reputation and social media clean-up service,, was acquired by IDShield in 2021 and is now their services are available exclusively through all IDShield plans.

What does the IDShield Reputation Management look for?

We scan your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and TikTok looking for old posts and photos that you’ve posted, or tagged in, that may be professionally damaging. We define this as photos that contain nudity, violence, drugs, alcohol or weapons, and text content that contains swearing, toxic comments, or highly negative sentiment.

Why should I trust IDShield to help with my reputation?

We believe everyone has a right to live life online without worry. While the internet has no shortage of threats, IDShield helps people rest easy. We will always act with integrity and will only use your data to provide our service to you. We will always be as clear and transparent about how we hold and handle your information. IDShield is part of PPLSI, established in 1972, which offers Legal and Identity protection plans and protects over 2 million North Americans.