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Blog > Internet Security > Why You Need Stronger Passwords
 April 08, 2022

Why You Need Stronger Passwords

Screen showing the place to enter a password.

For every door that opens on the internet, there’s usually a “key” to open that door—in other words, a combination of username and password. And behind each door is a ton of personal information about you. If you use easy-to-hack passwords, reuse them across sites, and save them to browsers, you are handing out the keys to your personal information to anyone online. Save yourself the stress and time you’ll lose trying to fix the damage hackers did with your login credentials with our simple-to-use Password Manager.

How does Password Manager work?

Sure, it’s easy to use the same password across multiple sites. Letters like QWERTY or numbers like 12345 can unlock your devices quickly, but by keeping your passwords too simple you’re setting yourself up for a data breach by hackers that would take them just milliseconds to unlock. The truth of the matter is that better security starts with better passwords.

With IDShield’s Password Manager you’ll get multiple device protection and privacy for your digital life. This service is included in your complete IDShield Plan and:

  • Helps block dangerous websites
  • Manages and encrypts passwords
  • Identifies and changes weak passwords
  • Creates unique, tough-to-hack passwords
  • Gives you back control
  • Saves you time and stress

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