Longer, Stronger Passwords Can Help Deter Hackers

February 03, 2016
5 Steps to Protecting your Smart Devices

When the last time you changed your passwords?

It’s easy to fall into a routine of using the same words or phrases over and over again, but with the advancement of code-breaking software comes the necessity to create longer and more complex passwords as an effort to deter savvy hackers.

Research indicates that the 12 digits should include letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s not surprising that keywords that note birthdates or a pattern of common symbols and numbers make a computer an easy mark to crack, so it’s best to avoid personal information configurations.  

Unfortunately, as fast as security experts work to protect computer systems, hackers are racing against them to invade as much personal tech space as quickly as possible.

The idea of a password and online information being evaded is an upsetting thought, but that’s where IDShield investigators step in and work to recover and restore vital information. An identity theft plan can benefit everyone in an age where password protection does not always provide the best defense against a criminal offense.