Privacy Protection is Just a Tap Away

October 15, 2019

Data breaches, hacks and identity theft incidents are on the rise. However, protecting your personal information has never been easier! When you become an IDShield Member, you can download the IDShield mobile app to access all your valuable membership benefits right in the palm of your hand.   With the IDShield mobile app, you can easily view your identity threat and credit inquiry alerts with on-the-go access. Connect directly to an IDShield Licensed Private investigator for one-on-one consultation on any cybersecurity issue and get 24/7 emergency access to our identity theft specialists. Plus, you can track and edit your monitored information straight from the IDShield app.   Personal passcode: Set up your own numerical passcode so you can easily remember your login information. Identity monitoring: Set up the information you’d like monitored, such as your social media, medical ID number and more. Identity threat and credit inquiry alerts: If IDShield detects suspicious activity, we will notify you in real time with push notification alerts via the mobile app. Credit score: Keep track of your credit score on the home page of our app. Unlimited consultation: Get help on any of your identity concerns. 24/7 emergency access: Contact an identity theft specialist at the touch of a button.   Our app has everything you need to know that your identity and private information is secure. Get peace of mind from the IDShield mobile app!