Simple Mistakes Can Set Up Identity Theft Opportunities

January 27, 2016
Hands Typing

Considering that identity theft remains prevalent in our society.

Here are a few oversights that could lead to identity theft opportunities, according to the article:  

  • Phone conversations in public places should not include discussions of bank accounts or other financial information that could be overheard and noted by those with criminal intent. Voices do carry.
  • Internet “friends” may not be who they pretend to be.
  • By sharing your birthday and place of birth, someone else might be able to claim a copy of your birth certificate. This could lead to a Social Security or Social Insurance card, a driver’s license, or even a passport that mirrors your identity.
  • Have you ever filled out a credit card application or sweepstakes form in exchange for a freebie item at a mall or event? Even though legitimate companies use these types of promotions for marketing purposes, it’s best to question the promoter’s intent before filling in the blanks.

These common scenarios are more reasons why LegalShield's Identity Theft Plans services should be introduced to everyone you know. The plan’s focus on detection and restoration is a benefit that is needed now more than ever in a fast-paced world where distractions thrive.