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 October 03, 2022

How We Review Your Online Reputation

Screenshot of IDShield Reputation Scan

Our powerful automated reputation scan uses cutting-edge technology to pick up on potentially negative or offensive content on your social profiles. Here we provide a breakdown of the things that we look for and flag in your alerts, so you can better understand how our service can help you.

Why should you care about your online reputation?

Our personal and professional reputations are blurred online, yet decisions are being made about us today from posts that could have been created years ago. The working world is shifting to virtual jobs, interview processes, and profiling (whether by an HR rep, a school admissions counselor, or a potential relationship match), it is more critical than ever that your online presence accurately reflects who you are and what you stand for today.

Our Reputation Scan

Our automated Reputation Scan reviews the social media images and posts you have previously created to find any potentially damaging content to your online privacy or reputation. We define “damaging content” as any potential negative or offensive content that could harm your online reputation or put your security at risk.

Our philosophy is to always be more sensitive to content than less.

This way, you are empowered to determine what content they are comfortable and proud of sharing about themselves online. Therefore, while we recommend certain posts to be reviewed, our members are in control of how to respond to their flagged content. They can choose to delete the post, acknowledge the flag, or label an incorrect flag as a false flag and provide feedback. All these actioning options remove the flagged alert, update dashboard notifications, and improve your score so you can work through their recommendations accordingly.

What do we look for?

Our team has completed extensive research with career advisors, graduate recruitment professionals, and corporate HR directors to uncover the type of content that is perceived negatively in the workforce. Companies review online content and social media posts to determine whether a person can be trusted to represent their company. However, increasing companies are looking beyond what could be illegal or stupid to understand if a candidate lives a companies’ values.

Our research found the following types of content was viewed as being extremely negative and would be high risk to an individual’s reputation:

Image and Video posts containing:

  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Rude Gestures
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Hate Symbols / Paraphernalia

Text posts containing:

  • Extreme swearing
  • Highly negative or derogatory comments toward an individual or group
  • Inflammatory or Toxic comments

At the same time, our research found there were other types of content that could negatively influence an individual’s reputation to a lesser degree and lead to questions about an individual’s professionalism. We group this medium-risk content into the following categories:

Image and Video posts containing:

  • Suggestive poses
  • Skimpy or revealing clothing
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

Text posts containing:

  • Mild swearing

Our technology

We have helped thousands of customers with our service and we’re a leader in privacy and reputation management. We are continuously investing in our proprietary automated scanning technology through research into AI-based Natural Language Processing and Image Analysis to flag harmful content.

Now is the time to check your profiles and take control of your reputation!

With IDShield you can make the right first impression by cleaning up your social media accounts. We quickly analyze your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, find photos and posts that may be harmful to your online reputation, and let you delete and archive with our easy-to-use tools.

IDShield is a product of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield (“LegalShield”). LegalShield provides access to identity theft protection and restoration services. For complete terms, coverage and conditions, please see All Licensed Private Investigators are licensed in the state of Oklahoma. This is not intended to provide legal device. For legal advice, please contact your Provider Law Firm.


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